More than 3,500 objects from the Ritz Paris hotel are due to go under the hammer next month (17-21 April) in a series of sales organised by the Artcurial auction house in Paris.

Since its inauguration on 1st June 1898, the Ritz Paris has embodied the elegance and intimate luxury synonym of the French “art de vivre”. The warm and glittering Ritz style was immediately adopted by celebrities from around the world, artists, crowned heads and top writers.The universe of the Ritz Paris seduced Marcel Proust, who drew his inspiration for a À la recherche du temps perducharacter from Maitre d’Hotel Olivier Dabescat; Hemingway, a permanent fixture at the bar in the company of his friend writer Scott Fitzgerald in the 1920’s; Gabrielle Chanel, who lived there, received guests and passed away within the hotel walls; Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper, the stars of Ariane, the great Billy Wilder classic was shot in the Ritz in the 1950’s; Gianni Versace and his runway models…

Coco Chanel in Ritz Paris Hotel

Passing through 4 full years of restoration , from June 2016 the Ritz Hotel Paris reopened its spaces. However many of the object and forniture pieces did not find back their place in the Hotel anymore, that’s why now Artcurial will offer on its April sale all greatest pieces of The Ritz Paris Universe, glorifying the Ritz style, recognisable amongst all, harmoniously combining paintings, chandeliers and French antiques from Louis XIV to Empire style, including Regency and Louis XVI. A spirit that was created by its founder, César Ritz, who perfected the tone to seduce American guests with the comfort and elegance of a hotel which combines modern American comfort and French “art-de-vivre”.

Ritz Bar

From the Highlights you can find: A bed board and lacquered bedside tables from the Coco Chanel suite are available (est €2,000-€3,000), but those on a tighter budget may fancy bidding for that much-loved hotel staple, the mini-bar (est €300-€500).

Prior to the auction (12-16 April), an exhibition of objects from the top-notch hotel will be held in the rooms of the hotel Marcel Dassault, the Parisian headquarters of Artcurial on the Champs-Elysées. Interior designer Vincent Darré will present the “timeless spirit of the Ritz Paris” in the sumptuous pre-sale show.

Howover, before the sale, a lots selections will be in a international tour around Europe, which will start right from Milan, where from March 20 to 25 a selection of 14 pieces all Ritz targeted , will be displayed in the noble Palazzo Crespi, curated by the italian indoor designer Fede Lorandi. So, don’s  miss this unique occasion to have the last taste of Ritz Paris atmosphere!


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