After London is Paris turn to bid: next week (between March 21st and 23rd) all major auctions will be held in Paris,  including during the Semaine du Dessin and the annual Salon du Dessin, that will be in the city just in those days (From March 22 to 27)

Let’s see at the  Top lot to keep an eye on in this bidding week in Paris!

To open the auction week in Paris on March 21st will we have the Ancient and XIX century  auctions, just the same day of the Salon du Dessin opening preview, aiming to attract all drawings amateur and collectors.

The first will be Christie’s auction Dessins Anciens et du XIXe Siècle (at 14.30), featuring pieces on paper by great ancient and XIX century masters as Delacroix sketchbook drawings and watercolours from his Moroccan journal ; Ingres Daumier Corot ; but also the Manierism italian artist  Sodoma, particularly influenced by Raffaello and Leonardo paintings as this drawing perfectly shows (esteem 20.000-30.000) .

EstimateEUR 20,000 – EUR 30,000

The same day, immediately after this auction, also the french auction house Artcurial will hold his Maitre Ancien” et XIX siècle sale  in the evening at 19 pm, presenting mostly all great french artists of the period, including Charles Le Brun (Parigi 1616-1690), Delacroix, Henri-Toulouse Lautrec and the symbolism  Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, but also some flemish art masters as Pieter Brueghel le June. 


On March 22 , Christie’s will continue its sales with the Oeuvres Modernes sul Papier, (Modern works on paper) at 16 pm, presenting 140 lots from all great artist of the period. As high lights of the sales will we see:  11 works on paper by Pablo Picasso, especially with the Top lot cubist collage from 1913-1914 Nature morte à la pipe et aux des (estimate 120.000-180.000 euro) and the over million piece L’Étreinte, estimate 1.500.000-2.000.000 euros. Other very interesting lots on sale are the Gauguin’s watercolor etude for Printemps à Lézaven  (estimate  60.000-80.000 euro) and  Tête de tahitienne (recto/verso) del 1894 (estimate 120.000-180.000 euro). The auction will also feature a valuable watercolor work by Cezanne, representing the famous Montaigne Saint-Victore, Maisons près d’un pont, la Montagne Sainte-Victoire, from 1885 , estimate 185.000-200.000 euro.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
Estimate EUR 1,500,000 – EUR 2,500,000


In March 22 evening, will be Sotheby’s turn, with its Oeuvres sur papier/Works on Paper  sale (at 18 pm) Following the success of our March 2017 inaugural Works on Paper sale during which a striking brush and ink drawing by Henri Matisse was sold for 1M€. The drawing sale spans a wide range of periods and art movements, with a high-end selection which features works by the enigmatic Aloys Zoïtl, sketchbook drawings and watercolours from Delacroix’s Moroccan journal, and a fascinating ensemble of over 30 rediscovered sketches by Rodin. Major pastels by Degas from prestigious private collections are also included, as Femme au peignoir rouge se coiffant (EUR 400.000-600.000 euro) purchased by the ancestors of the present owner at the Degas Studio sale in 1918 ,  as well as highly important gouaches by Marc Chagall, Le Bouquet aux amoureux dans la fenêtre (EUR 400,000 — 600,000 ) and La Chèvre Jaune (EUR 300.000-500.000) . The sale continues with a characteristically mysterious gouache by Magritte Le Civilisateur featuring the artist’s favourite pet and about which he critically declared: “The nature from which originate the loveliest inspirations of man is represented here in the forms of a forest in the shape of a castle and of a dog” (EUR 400.000-600.000). James Ensor, another celebrated Belgian artist, is present with three rare and significant drawings.  The we also finds a work by Picasso, superb in its black and white simplicity, Trois mains au gobelet which dates from the summer of 1921 during which the artist extensively studied the theme of women at a fountain (EUR350.000-400.000 euro) and the lively drawing by the Italian futurist artist Giacomo Balla  Folla + Paesaggio from 1915 (EUR 250.000-350.000).

Edgar Degas
Stima 400,000 — 600,000 EUR


The Sotheby’s Work on Paper sale will be actually preceded by Dessins de la Collection Christian et Isabelle Adrien sale ( 14.30 pm ), a prestigious collection which is one of the finest to have been formed in Europe in recent decades. Made up of nearly 80 drawings, all of consistently high quality and fascinating variety, the collection includes examples of major artists such as: Poussin, Rubens, Salviati, Bassano, the Carracci, Lemoyne, Le Brun and Boucher, to name but a few.


The following day, on March 23, Christie’s will continue the auction with the Impressionism and Modern Art Sale (at 16 pm). Among the highlights of the sale: the  2° reduction of the famous Rodin’s kiss, Le Baiser, 2ème réduction (1914 – originally conceived in  1886) estimate EUR 500.000-800.000 and the  Éternel printemps, Second état, 1ère réduction dite aussi “réduction n°1, estimate EUR 800.000- 1.200.000 euro (bronze version from 1907, original 1884). They will also offer a fascinating   Renoir Paysage de Cagnes (1905) estimate EUR 250.000-350.000,  Alfred Sisley oil on canvas from 1877 La Seine à Bougival (EUR 450.000-600.000 euro); G.Seurat from 1885 Le mouillage à Grandcamp (EUR 180.000-250.000) and a water lilies fragment by Monet estimate EUR 150.00-250.000.

At 15 pm the action will be actually preceded by the Hommage à la famille Hessel : mécènes et modéles sale, a great selection from a prestigious french private collection  with great names as  Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis, Aristide Maillol. 

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) Le Baiser, 2ème réduction, dit aussi no 4 – Estimate EUR 500,000 – EUR 800,000


On the same day, March 23 marzo in the evening (at 18 pm) there will be also Sotheby’s Impressionism and Modern Art Sale (Art Impressionniste et Moderne) , six months after the Iast successful one  which was held for the first time during the FIAC. Across this high-end selection which begins with the first glows of Impressionism and reaches to the dawn of the 50’s, an important place will be given to undiscovered works, such as a painting by Modigliani, from 1913, which comes from the Paul Alexandre Collection, the first patron of the artist. PORTRAIT INACHEVÉ DE PAUL ALEXANDRE – RECTO ETUDE DE NU MASCULIN – VERSO (estimate EUR 1,800,0002,500,000), representing a three quarter portrait of Paul Alexandre, is elegant and emerges through a superb palette of blues and greens and which strikes by its modernity : the stylized shapes, the rapidity of execution, the spontaneity of the brush stroke and the particularly free and audacious treatment of the paint and of the colour all attest to it.


A painting  by Pissarro is yet another remarkable and original work, with its blue and pink iridescences , Le Pont Royale, après-midi temps couvert 4ème série (EUR1.000.000- 1.500.000) is a moving testimony to the last urban and Parisian series produced by the painter. They confirm his reputation and the special place he held among the founding fathers of Impressionism. Two large paintings by Van Dongen, Les Amies (EUR 1.200.000- 1.800.000 ) and Portrait de femme assise (EUR 600,000800,000), both dated from the 1920’s. In the first work, it’s the fascination of the painter with the beauty of the female body which is revealed and which owed him the nickname of ‘psychologue du corps’ or psychologist of the body by the art critics of the time. The eroticism emanating from this double portrait of female nudes is subtly nuanced  by a veil of mystery. Portait de femme assise on the other hand embodies the marvellous period of the 1920’s, a time of high society effervescence. The ‘femme élégante’  which is portrayed  in a monumental format, is wearing an evening dress and is wrapped in a sumptuous fur coat. As in his most well-known works, Van Dongen adopts here with great talent, the effect of electrical light in order to sculpt the body and the face of the feminine model in the manner of a stage lighting. These audacious techniques belong to the belle époque and they are found in different ways and to varying degrees in the works selected for a sale in which modernity is very much at the front. Painted in 1930  La Carte postale represents a crucial transition period in Leger’s oeuvre when he abandons the strictly abstract and mechanical vocabulary of his earlier work in order to more fully embrace the human figure which he often surrounds by elements borrowed from nature such as birds, butterflies and plants.  (Estimate EUR 1.500.000-2.000.000).




 To close this auction week in Paris, the following week on March 27 Artcurial will have first   ART DU XX SIÈCLE, Entre Avant-garde et Renouveau sale (at 11 and at 14.30) offering a selection of mostly french authors as Rodin,  Dufy , Masson, and a enigmatic drawing by Jean Cocteau.  Then in the afternoon the auction will continue with the Art from 1945-To now sale , with mostly all the great contemporary french artist as  César and Arman, but also some international ones as few works by Paul Jenkins (as ,PHENOMENA PRISM CHIMES,from 1984 , EUR 10.000-15.000) and some italian artist as  Mimmo Rotella and Lucio Fontana (presenting a drawing , Nostalgia , estimate EUR 5.000-7.000 euro)

Paul JENKINS (1923 – 2012)
PHENOMENA PRISM CHIMES – 1984 – stima 10.000-15.000 euro

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