Art market monitor  recently announced Phillips had 11 works by Andy Warhol given to his brother Paul fifty years ago: Actually they later correct the news saying they actually were owner of 11 Warhol, but on auction there will be just a rare one: a  double early Marilyn experiment from 1962 estimate $3/4. Paul Warhola and his wife Anna both died in recent years (2014 and 2016 respectively) so their heirs are now selling everything. Phillips’s Robert Manley proudly presented the works on Instagram:

Phillips is lucky to be entrusted with Double Marilyn, from Andy Warhol’s family, where it has lived for over 50 years. Painted in 1962, it is from his earliest series of Marilyn works, which he was inspired to create shortly after her tragic death. Warhol executed the right side in his usual format, but for the left, he intentionally left out some of the elements, leaving the face with a ghostly presence. The focal point of the left side is the actress’s lips, an image that Warhol isolated to make singular works in the 1950s and 1960s. Shown here is a picture of Andy’s oldest brother Paul, with it hanging above him and his wife Anne. Estimated at $3-4 million USD, to be sold in Phillips Evening sale on May 17, 5pm, sharp.

Suore: Art market Monitor

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