After 20 years, a large-scale retrospective of the US artist from his earliest work to his most recent installations – 17 March to 26 August 2018

From 16 March 2018 on, Schaulager in Basel is presenting a comprehensive retrospective of the work of Bruce Nauman. Born in 1941 and based in New Mexico Nauman is widely acknowledged as one of the seminal artists of our time and a crucial protagonist of contemporary art. He explores such issues as language, space and the body, probing the structures of power and social conventions. Time and again he challenges our powers of perception and imagination through persistent inquiry into aesthetic and moral values and ways of seeing.

As a curatorial leitmotif, “Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts” traces the various forms of disappearance in Nauman’s work. Kathy Halbreich, Laurenz Foundation Curator and Advisor
to the Director, The Museum of Modern Art, explains the frequent appearances of disappearance in Nauman’s work: “They are seen, for example, in holes the size of a body part, in the space under a chair, in the self vanishing around a corner, in the nocturnal goings-on of the empty studio, and in the mental blocks that empty creative possibility. Disappearance, then, is both a real phenomenon and a magnificently ample metaphor for grappling with the anxieties of both the creative process and of navigating the everyday world.”

The retrospective at Schaulager comprises over 170 works, representing all phases of Nauman’s career from the mid-1960s to the present day As the first comprehensive retrospective of Bruce Nauman’s work in 25 years, the exhibition so spans some five decades of this exceptional artist’s career, but also brings together some very rarely exhibited pieces. This  important bodies of work comes mainly from the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation and The Museum of Modern Art. The Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation, whose holdings are stored at Schaulager, has been collecting Nauman’s work since the early 1970s, at which time they both  began to acquire films, sculptures and drawings by the artist. Since then Nauman has been a focal point in both collections,and over the course of some 45 years, one of the world’s most important bodies of work by the American artist has been assembled in Basel.

These works will be complemented by loans from over 70 renowned institutions and private collections from all over the world

The show includes the world premiere of the artist’s most recent works, the monumental sculpture Leaping Foxes (2018) and a 3D video titled Contrapposto Split (2017), as well as the European debut of the monumental video projection Contrapposto Studies, i through vii (2015 / 2016), a joint acquisition of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation and The Museum of Modern Art. Here Nauman takes up the same motif as in the 1968 video Walk with Contrapposto and relies once again on his own body as the point of departure.

The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalogue. “Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts” is on view from 17 March to 26 August 2018 at Schaulagerin Basel. Then this impressive  retrospective will then travel to New York, where it will be presented at The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 from 21 October 2018 to 17 March 2019.

Here you can enjoy some photos 

BRUCE NAUMAN – Disappearing acts
BRUCE NAUMAN – Disappearing acts
BRUCE NAUMAN – Disappearing acts
BRUCE NAUMAN – Disappearing acts

Bruce Nauman – Retrospektive
Dal 17 marzo al 26 agosto 2018
Schaulager, Ruchfeldstrasse 19, 4142 Münchenstein

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