A man was hospitalized last week after falling in Anish Kapoor installation,” Descent into Limbo” (1992), a gaping hole 2.5-metre-deep, that is part of the artist’s first institutional show in Portugal at the Serralves museum (Porto). It still not clear whether he fell into the hole or beside it.

From what reported  The Art Newspaper on Aug17 a spokesman for the museum said that the “visitor is OK [and] almost ready to return home”. He added that “security protocol was followed”, that means that there were all  warning signs needed as well as a member of gallery staff inside the installation.The installation was temporarily closed while the institution assesses what happened,  but it hopes to reopen it “in a few days”. According to the local newspaper  Público newspaper, the injured man was Italian and around 60 years old.

The work, Descent into Limbo (1992), consists of a cube-shaped building, which can be entered by visitors, with a circular hole in the centre of its floor. The sides of the hole are coated in the typical Kapoor black pigment, giving the illusion of a depthless void. A true Black hole.

Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments is the artist’s first major institutional show in Portugal, which will run until 6 January 2019.

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