As a new entry in the artistic panorama of Artvalor, this November opens up the collaboration with the two artists Marina Drì and Maurizio Valdemarin with their project Panta Rei.

On Tuesday the 27th November we’ll exeptionally open up Artvalor’s showroom, as an exclusive location onto Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza, at the historical palace Monte di Pietà for a special night. With some of the important companies of the made in Italy food and beverage, we organized a vernissage to present their latest photographic project.

Described in a wonderful article by the art critic Leo Strozzieri as enchanted travelers, riding both geographically and artistically far and wide, from the Africa of the most crude realities to the frenetic New York and European urban landscape, from abstraction tout court to polychromatic dynamism, Drì and Valdemarin are contemporaries full of historical reminiscences of primordial strength in the use of sign.

Drì and Valdemarin, Panta Rei 28, 2015; 180 x 90cm

At the beginning the two of them, linked by the common passion for commercial and industrial photography, thanks to many successes that have seen them as authors of advertising campaigns for the largest companies, got the awareness that the true power of their collaboration lies in interpreting each frame from their extremely personal perspective, where every image contains a dream, a visionary experience with a dreamlike aftertaste, to make a thought visible, to extract a fleeting moment from time; a process that naturally led to the development of a real artistic journey.

Drì and Valdemarin, Panta Rei 04, 2017; 180 x 90cm

This is how their first projects are born: the images of the Mannequins closed in the golden windows that wake up from an unreal sleep to live just a spark of a frozen life only through stolen shots, or the Barbie dolls, young plastic girls playing regardless of their true nature, clear provocation for us spectators who, as in the TV screen, we believe in that induced reality. The iconography documented in the shots by Drì and Valdemarin sinks – adds Strozzieri – in an exasperated secularism far far away from the medieval sacredness.

Drì and Valdemarin, Panta Rei 01, 2017; 80 x 80cm

Until you get to Panta Rei, a project that expands to even more complex images, plunged ever more into this singular reality where contemporaneity and memory interpenetrate to eternize absolutely unique moments and visions; Panta rei, shown by the apparently chaotic fluctuation of the colors that form figures, signs, images that each individual perceives in an authentic and singular way. An experience within the self and its own journey among its thoughts; a conversation with one’s own soul inspired by an image that contains the Heraclitean concept Panta Rei unaltered in its very nature and representation.

Drì and Valdemarin, Panta Rei 16, 2017; 180 x 90cm

The photographic technique is so called in its purest form, to fix a unique event, in the changing and unpredictable movements of color as for the unstoppable becoming of anything. Like what it represents, so every artwork is therefore unique.

Drì and Valdemarin, Panta Rei 04 – close up, 2017; corian print, 30 x 30cm

To conclude with the words of Strozzieri, congenital to the nature of the two artists, both when the shots prefer the icon, as when perceiving the values ​​of the microcosm they try to document the energy of matter, the desire to materialize a utopia: that of give stability to the flow of things which therefore acquire a remarkable consistency and, I would say, almost that vertical eternity, incisive and calligraphic that only an authentic work of art can offer.

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