This Tuesday Artvalor’s studios hosted the exceptional vernissage of Panta Rei, the series created by the photographers Marina Drì and Maurizio Valdemarin. To date, the showroom has over thirty-two photographs of art, printed on different supports and different sizes, which dot the spaces like gates to a surreal world.

Some works have been kindly exhibited by private collectors, many others have been acquired by Artvalor in the perspective of the exponential success that the two artists are already enjoying with their work. Luca Cinquetti, responsible for the acquisition of the works of the two artists, now internationally renowned, has selected their project as one of the most valid proposals in the younger panorama of the art market.

The works in fact date all within the last decade, but the thought that makes up their heart is universal and timeless: it comes directly from the Heraclitean thought, which in the contemporary era we are very sensitive to, considering the trouble and the frenetic pace imposed by our lifestyle: Panta Rei is a hymn to the value of every single moment, given by its total uniqueness throughout history, which is nothing but the inexorable change of its sensitive bodies. Every moment is therefore an unrepeatable stage in the positive or negative evolution of any element, followed by a “before” and an “after” so conceptualized precisely because inevitably differentiated from the “now”.

And Maurizio and Marina have made this concept “figure” creating beautiful events that are totally unpredictable, as well as unreproducible: the colors that dance on their lenses are tautologically linked to the artistic experience and equally strongly related to the idea of ​​the water that draws the same thought of Heraclitus, but pushing these perspectives intertwined towards a horizon that undermines the figurative coordinates within which we mechanically place the same concepts.

Furthermore, artists have become creators of a recovery of photography as art, extrapolating it from the pollution of images to which we are subjected daily and restoring it to its role of abstraction of reality from itself and nevertheless from the conditions of existence in which we place them: space and time.

To put it in the words of Roland Barthes, Marina Drì and Maurizio Valdemarin are aware ‘immortalists’, where death is necessary to make an event unique, and photography alone is able to represent it endlessly, turning into sovereign contingency, in tyché, in occasion. Even as a manifestation of the stunning happening the same event chosen by subject makes, which is the dissolution of color in water: an event so rapid, that without the skillfully used photographic technique, we would not even be allowed to contemplate with our poor physical and sensorial skills.
An experiential authenticity also strengthened by the awareness that gives you the certified destruction of the original photographic file by the hands of its creators themselves.

We had the pleasure of offering this experience to critics, investors and gallery owners from all over Italy, but, exceptional guests, the artists in first person, who guided visitors and observers of their own hands, giving the opportunity to see Panta Rei directly with the eyes of its creators.

For the realization of this wonderful evening we must thank our sponsors Alessandro Benini, Marco Campedelli, Ovosodo Vicenza, Opera Advertise, Lamborghini Squadra Corse in the person of Riccardo Agostini, who accompanied the journey of our guests delightfully enriching the bouquet of their senses.

Having the pleasure of hosting these artworks for the time while they will be assigned to those who have been stunned, we naturally leave the door open for those who have not yet had the opportunity to fall in love with them.


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