We provide many services for private and corporate, for professionals, museums and foundations



Private  Art  Advisory


Setting up for private and public collections

Artworks commissions for indoor and outdoor projects 

Architectural and urban projects support

Concept and operative profile for museum operations

Support for private Foundations and Museum 

Buy and Sell

Investments and patrimonial assets 

Acquisitions plans 

Exclusive consignment 

Buy and Sell Representation 

Valorize collections

Critical study of artworks and other cultural goods

Authentication request procedures and inclusion in official archives

Marketing operations and exhibition projects

Catalogues and publications

Conservation and Securing

Condition and Restoration reports and support

Authentication and Archivation

Collection Maintenance plans and solutions

Shipping and Display plans Support

Collection Management 

Valuation and Support for insurance purposes, inheritage assets acquired and balance sheets

Archiving, Cataloguing and Database Solution to implement Collection private administration


Corporate art projects and investment

Collection promotion with exhibitions, long/medio- term  loans and other projects