We believe that Art can be a substantial part in our lives. Art surround us of beauty, connect head to hart, boost creative power of human mind, can influence our emotions. But few knows that art, proprially managed, can be a powerful instrument to allocate wealth for searching high performances in terms of returns. Today, Art must be an important slice of our wealth portfolio working integrated with the classic financial asset allocations.

But is not that easy. To invest in fine Art serctor you need high and specific skills, many years of experiences and a large network of high standing contacts all over the world. Fortunately, Artvalor has all that and put it on service of his clients.

We work only with high performances operations in short term an medium term deals. We select specific artist that have consolidated quotations, than we choose their most important and worth works.

Considering this and many other factors, we create a free risk and high valor investment.

It’s not only words, it’s numbers. You can see our past trades in the operations page. We provide our clients and interested persons our historic track record complete with economic results. Obviously these are high confidential informations so if you want to know, you have to contact us and set up a meeting.