Comprensive and client-specific art advisory and collection management services

performed with the highest level of professional integrity and client confidentiality, as required in the business  

Appraisals & Valuations:

We work with private collectors, dealers, family offices, lawyers, brokers, fiduciaries and beneficiaries to provide appraisals of tangible personal property for inheritance, estate planning, perspective sales or other intended uses. From the valuation of a single object to comprehensive and USPAP compliant appraisals of entire art collections, we can assist you to understand the value of you art and collectibles you own.

Due Diligence & Research

Research is an integral part of an informed acquisition process: in each assignment we perform all the required due diligence and in-depth provenance checks to ensure that acquired or traded works are that acquired works are are excellent quality, historically significant and with solid investment value. We trace titles and liens, exhibition history and literature of the items and obtain all the documentation and authentication confirmation that are necessary to prove and and enhance the value of your proprieties.

Advices on Acquisitions

Whether for passion or financial investment we bring your funds to the best opportunity in art market place with our market insights and network in the business. With a personalised curatorial guidance, targeted searches for works of art and unbiased advice on quality, condition, price and authenticity, we can help to navigate the art world and make valuable and meaningful acquisitions both in primary and secondary market. Assisting with negotiations and all the logistics, we work to make the acquisition process as smooth as possible - as the only thing you have to worry is to enjoy your art.

Brokerage & Advices on disposal

With our independent and unbiased consultancy and longstanding relationships with galleries, dealers and auction house specialists, we can help you to strategically sell your art, to identifying the best destinations and terms for its liquidation and disposal.

Collection Management & Logistics

Proper care and preservation, as well as having an inventory, cataloguing and subscribe an insurance coverage, are all key actions to take care of the value of your collection over time. When it comes to logistics as shipping, framing, lighting or storage arrangements and conservation, we can provide the best practical solutions combined with a personalised curatorial guidance to manage and maintain the value of your your collection overtime.

Market Analysis & Research

Keeping track with all the market trends it’s a full time job: our experts can do it for you, providing unique and targeted insights for your strategic choices in acquiring and selling, in the right time and with the best conditions.

Tax & Estate Planning

We provide valuations, USPAP compliant appraisals and consultancy for estate and inheritance purposes the best respect of confidentiality and due diligence standards.

When it come to sale of estate property, we can help beneficiaries to maximise profits and meet the client will, identifying the best channels and terms of sale or disposal. Our network of trusted lawyers and our connection with Airaldi wealth management firm allow us to provide a highly personalised planning for your collection, within the most advantageous holistic tax & estate strategy for all your assets.